paintlifepink asked:
Hi! I love your work, are any of your stories for sale somewhere?

Hey thank you! Not at the moment, maybe in the future!:D

thebeginnerphotographer asked:
I absolutely love your drawings, you're so talented!! Where did you learn to draw like this? I wish to be an illustrator but I don't have that amount of imagination like you do! How did you become a disney trainee? You're amazing, I love your work. Don't change how you draw it's brilliant :-)

Thank you so much for the kind words, just taking it day-by-day! :)

I’ve received a lot of notes with similar questions, so this will be the tell all to end all. I apologize for the read and any typos!

Growing up, all I did was draw and read.  In a house without any game systems or cable tv, entertainment was whatever you could come up with.  My siblings and I went to the library every weekend, and for us that was the equivalent of going to a theme park.  For good behavior, my mom would take us to the video store, so there literally isn’t an animated movie (especially Disney related) that I haven’t seen.

In 3rd grade, I had a friend who introduced me to the X-Men comics. So when I was 8, all I did was read X-Men. A few years later in middle school, I decided I wanted to draw comics.  I went online and learned what perspective was, and found tutorials about drawing comics. I practice as much as I could. 

When I was 13 my dream was to draw Spiderman comics for Marvel, so I drew Spiderman comics. When I was 14 I wanted to draw a Gundam-type comic, so I drew a comic about giant robots. When I was 14-16 my life goal was to literally be Akira Toriyama, so I made up my own zany action/adventure stories. I spent my early high school years drawing those stories. When I was 17 I realized I would be happy with life if I could draw and write stories for a living.

I’d recently graduated high school and I couldn’t afford to go to an art school, but I knew I wanted to learn more about comics and maybe even get into animation. But again, art school was out of the question, so I went to a local college and majored in graphic design. Other than the simple fact that I wanted to create I had no clue exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

Then Walt Disney Animation Studios released Princess and the Frog, and then Tangled came out. I wanted to be there.

During my junior year in college I started trying to learn everything I could about animation, whilst trying to graduate. With the help of numerous books and the Internet, I did my best to learn all that I could about making an animated feature.

In 2011 I applied for the Visual Development Apprenticeship at Disney and I didn’t make it. I was still super excited when I got the rejection letter because they actually took the time to tell me what I needed to work on. For a year, I worked on those notes and applied them to my new portfolio. A month before I had to turn in the VisDev portfolio, I found that I couldn’t concentrate on it anymore. I was working on a personal story idea, and I was more interested in that than portfolio work.

Then it hit me.

Instead of turning in a Visual Development portfolio why not turn in a Story portfolio? A month before it’s due? Yep! Put together a Story portfolio ONE month before the deadline. Why not!

In 2012 I began a Story Apprenticeship at Walt Disney Animation Studios. I was there for half a year as an intern, and it was clear I needed a lot more practice. While I was there I learned a lot and I met a ton of super talented people, so I wouldn’t change anything that happened for the world!

Nowadays in between freelancing, I spend a lot of time working on my stories, turning them into comics, practice boarding my own stuff, etc. Eventually I feel like I’ll be back in the studio system but for now I’m happy with doing my own thing. There are some exciting things happening this year so look out!

The short answer to all of this is draw a lot!

Hope that all made sense! :)






paper-vertigo asked:
I really love your art work I'm attending the Art Institute of Charlotte for graphic design I should have gone into illustration or storyboarding since it's more of my passion now. Can't wait to see more of your work:)

Hey, thank you so much for the kind words!

Don’t let your major stop you, I actually attended a state college and majored in Graphic Design too. There are tons of free resources on the internet nowadays that can help you achieve your goals!  Believe me, if you’re passionate about something you will find a way to make it happen! :)

carrieunderworld asked:
I love the Daily Planet stuff. My dream job is making a Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen ongoing series, lol.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

Go for it! These drawings all over my Tumblr are but my random ideas. Everyone has there own vision. If your dream is to make a Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen ongoing series go ahead and write/draw it! :)

thewalkingdeadfor-life asked:
Who's your favorite superhero?

Top ten in no particular order because I’m no good at favorites! :D

Kid Goku, Arale (Dr. Slump), Vash the Stampede, Hellboy, Luffy, Kenshin Himura, Astro Boy, most of the X-men (now I’m cheating), and Superman on certain occasions. There’s tons others but these appeared first in my mind!

atlascdn asked:
Just found you via io9. I love your style!

Thank you! :D

Hmm, that could be where all of the new followers have come from lately. I welcome you all, and appreciate everyone for stopping by!

absjes asked:
How many comics are you doing

At the moment I’m finishing a few issues of Samurai Jack with IDW. I must implore you all to go buy them all! Jim Zub ( ) and Andy Suriano ( ) are doing really amazing things with Jack, and I’m happy to be a part of it!

I’m also working on other projects I’m not sure if I can say much about. During my spare time I have my own story ideas that I like to mess with, like the Daily Planet Files and a few others that I’ve yet to release to the internet. Sleep is overrated!:D